Be Kind in Your Mind, Be Kind In Your Life


“Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.”

- Charles F. Glassman

We’ve all experienced moments of self doubt. Some of us to a higher degree than others. This relates with the balance of the inner and outer self, including what we say in our minds when there is no one around. Ancient scriptures from cultures around the world use certain truths as foundational for their teachings, one of which is “ The Golden Rule.” 

The principles of the Golden Rule are to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Realistically, while this is not always applicable, it can be a nice guide. Similar to agape, a word from Scripture defined as the highest form of unconditional love, these beliefs - well integrated into society- remind communities of loving-kindness and compassion. The following are ways in which you can be kind in your mind, and also your life.

Use Affirmations: If you are not too familiar and need a place to start, there are countless affirmation videos on YouTube you can search up to fit your unique needs. Affirmations can serve as emotional/mental reinforcement of the positive in your life. They may even help welcome positive circumstances that have yet to occur. Remember, your highest vision of your dream life MUST be a vibrational reality before crystallizing into a physical reality. If you follow Calma Rituals on Instagram, you will see weekly affirmations on Calma’s stories, to serve as inspiration.

I Am Statements: The two words “ I Am” are among the most powerful two words you can use. By claiming a feeling or thought about yourself- particularly your BEST self- you strengthen your own belief systems, values, and willpower in the process of becoming. “I Am” disempowers the naysayers and diminishes the need for external validation by strengthening your mind/body/soul connection. Even if you don’t fully believe it at first, repeating phrases ( written or spoken) such as, “ I am worthy,” “ I am power,” “ I am unique,” etc.  elevate your spirit. You become what you think.

Reroute Your Thoughts: Have you heard of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming? It is a psychological approach to something that has been a longtime core tenet of spirituality; circumstances are what they are, neither good nor bad. What we choose to do with said circumstances, is reflective of our perception of the world. Our thoughts frame the situation to formulate a response.  Everyone has a unique lens based on various factors. The idea is to build upon the thoughts serving a higher purpose, and weaken toxic mentalities that keep us feeling stuck. Everyone has negative thoughts cross their minds from time to time, it is what we choose to do with those thoughts that matters. It is also an opportunity to channel forgiveness, patience and radical acceptance. 

Practice Forgiveness & Radical Acceptance: Forgiveness is not forgetfulness, but, it can liberate you from past grievances to keep you moving forward in life. It is not the same as lacking boundaries, rather a way to realize that nobody is perfect-including yourself- and, while you are holding accountability, you are also holding space for mistakes that can be rectified. By the same token, radical acceptance is leaning into the more difficult emotions that arise when we experience life’s adversities. During hard moments, radical acceptance is seeing things as they are, not how we wish them to be or liking what is happening. It’s wholly accepting the things we cannot change, in order to keep the self from falling into denial and prolonged suffering. A very buddhist ideal, we are liberated from suffering when we control our thoughts about situations that are simply out of our control. 

The Calma Community believes in the merit of kindness. Being kind in your mind is just as important, if not even moreso, as being kind to everyone in your life.

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