We offer a wide variety of holistic beauty and wellness services to heal, rejuvenate, relax and glow




Learn and explore different types of meditation, mindfulness and breath work to manage stress levels, be present and joyfully alive.

One-on-one and group meditation classes available.

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Health Coaching

A Health coach is a guide and supportive mentor on your wellness journey!

Taking a holistic approach, we work together on finding balance for better health in all areas of your life.

On our Health coaching programs you will be encouraged to go within, use your intuition and to find your own answers, but together we look for the root cause of your health concerns. You will be empowered to take responsibility for your health and achieve your wellness goals. You will learn how changing simple habits, and mindsets can transform your life. We can help you with counseling on sleep, energy, self care practices, anxiety, stress management, body image, weight, digestion, and hormonal imbalances. 

We offer a 

3 month program - $170 monthly

We meet twice a month for 1 hour over the phone, zoom, or facetime. 

And for best results we offer a 

6 month program - $160 monthly

We meet twice a month for 1 hour over the phone, zoom, or facetime. 

 Each program includes:

- Health History

- Coaching to establish your health goals 

- A customized actionable plan

- Session notes, handouts and homework each time we meet

- Support to make the lifestyle changes

- Guided meditations on every session

- Guidance to develop your everyday rituals

- 1 Optional Reiki Therapy



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that releases energy blocks and balances your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body. 

We combine meditation, Reiki, crystal and sound therapy, as well as essential oils to completely relax your body and mind, while balancing and restoring your vital force energy. 

Expect to release stress and experience calm and relaxation during and after each session.  

1    1.5 hour session - $120 

3    1.5 hour sessions package - $300

Wellness Packages

Bonita Glow - $250 Total Value $305

2 hour session that includes:

1 Deep cleansing facial

1 reiki session + crystals + Sound healing

1 Calma Glow elixir oil


Divine Rebirth - $185 Total Value $225

2 hour session that includes:

1 holistic wellness coaching assessment

1 reiki session with crystals and sound therapy

1 Luna y Sol Massage oil


Make your own package and get 15% OFF  


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