Finding Joy By Being Grateful

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul .” - Henry Ward Beecher

If joy were pollen, then gratitude would be its flower.  Joy is something often sought after through materialistic means. External factors such as fame and wealth can lead to temporary happiness, but never everlasting joy. The adage, ”Happiness comes from within,” rings true in this sense, because joy is something accessible to anyone at any given moment, regardless of financial status or job title. Joy is something cultivated from the soul. 

That said, joy is a vibrational state. To unlock it, one must practice gratitude. Now, many times, this is much easier said than done. It takes a commitment to one’s own inner peace when turning gratitude into a practice. But when it does become a habit, you find the greatest joy there is! The joy in YOU! The following are some tips to find joy by being grateful.

Make it a DIY project

Are you more of a creative? Try making a gratitude box. This box can be anything from an empty milk carton, to an unused shoe box, to a mason jar!


  1. Write or type up a list of at least 50* things you are thankful for! (i.e. your pets, your home, food, etc.) 

          * you can write as many as you’d like!

  1. Cut each word or phrase into an individual strip of paper. 
  2. Wrap each strip around a pencil and hold between 5-10 seconds.
  3. Place rolled up strips into your box.
  4. Place your Gratitude Box at a desk or space you use often, and, on a daily basis, unwrap a strip of paper to read!
  5. Enjoy your newfound joy!

Gratitude Journaling

On our last blog post, gratitude journaling was a method listed to raise your vibrational state in the mornings. However, this is something you can do any day, any time. Get your favorite journal and keep a pen handy. Make it fun for yourself, this should NEVER feel like a chore. The point of this exercise is to let gratitude flow. Begin writing and do not even stop to think. Through a stream of consciousness, simply write every single thing that makes you happy! There are no wrong answers, and if something on your list makes you especially happy, feel free to rewrite that one over and over!

Joy Ritual 

Find joy by embracing each moment with gratitude and pure loving awareness. Through conscious effort, you can be present with your thoughts and reroute them to choose gratitude and subsequently, joy. 


  1. Close your eyes
  2. Inhale deeply
  3. Exhale slowly
  4. Visualize a person or situation that you are grateful for! SMILE!

By being grateful, you WILL find joy, regardless of circumstances out of your control. Share this message with anyone you feel needs it!

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